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Who are We?

Where we started?

We believe that commitment, passion and honesty is what drives a business to its success. We put heart and soul into    each function/ wedding. We only do one function/ wedding over a weekend. We will always go the extra mile to ensure our clients are treated according to the best customer standards.

MonCherié Wedding Venue is a stylish and elegant wedding and function venue in the heart of the bush. We are a family business who is passionate about our work and our clients.

MonCherié started off as a small reed camp. Literally just a circle made out of reeds. This was were we hosted our church’s annual Guinea fowl hunt. In 2017 we will be hosting their 22nd shoot. The first building was built in 1996. Now known as the mens bathroom. There were no electricity and the water was held warm with a boiler. A few more structures was erected. Then came the 2000 floods. The only building left standing was the bathroom. We decided to replace the reed circle with rock, hence the courtyard today. Everything else came with the years. Our very first wedding held inside the Baobab Chapel was in 2006.

What we have been up to lately

“Big things often has small beginnings”

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